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Swabian Counter

A new standard for time-related single photon counting.

The Time Tagger series provides endless functions for single photon counting, and you can release them effortlessly.Whether you are using the powerful software that comes with Time Taggers, or using programming languages such as Python, Matlab, LabVIEW, or C#/C++-you can get your experiment up and running in minutes.

Main functions:

Anti-clustering effect

Meet the count

Laser scanning microscope

Multidimensional histogram

Support SPADs, PMTs, SNSPDS, SiPMs

Parameter Details

Frequency stability analysis becomes simple.

Are you looking for a multifunctional frequency counter or continuous time interval analyzer (CTIA)?Do you perform Allan variance, corrected Allan variance, or Hadamard variance measurements?Or do you test the synchronization of the second pulse signal?The Time Tagger series makes it easier than ever for you to do this.

Main functions:

Allan variance of 8E-13 levels per second

Real-time ADEV, MDEV, HDEV, phase and frequency error measurement

Up to 18 channels of input at the same time

Simple second pulse signal test and recording

Real-time recording and post-processing of raw data

Take dynamic light scattering experiments to a new level.

The unparalleled timing resolution is combined with the infinite logarithmic histogram on many detectors, which is the dynamic light scattering ability of Time Tagger.

Main functions:

Measure up to 18 different scattering angles at the same time

Use advanced data filtering tools to eliminate intensity peaks in operation and post-processing

Use cumulative and CONTIN analysis

Calculate the resolution of the particle size distribution at the picosecond level