Company overview

To provide superconductive devices and systems for quantuminformation processing with the world-class performance

Photon Technology Co., Ltd. (Photec) is a leading provider of superconducting nanowire single photon detectors (SNSPD) and associated technologies, established and funded by the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology in 2017. In 2023, we expanded globally by establishing a subsidiary in Italy, enhancing our customer support and market presence to cater to the diverse needs of clients worldwide.

Photec upholds stringent quality management practices, evident in our ISO9001:2015 certification since March 2019. Honored as a national High-tech Enterprise and recipient of the prestigious Technology Invention Award from the China Optical Engineering Society in November 2019, our overarching vision is to pioneer the development of superconductive devices and systems for quantum information processing, renowned for unmatched performance and reliability. Our technologies find application across a wide spectrum, including quantum communication, computing, lidar, satellite ranging, and quantum light source characterization, contributing significantly to scientific and technological progress in quantum information and lidar technology, showcasing our dedication to pushing the boundaries of quantum technology.

Team Introduction

Young & Talent
Team Introduction

Dr. Lixing You  / Chairman, Researcher

Lixing You received his Ph. D. degree from Nanjing University in 2003. He has been engaged in superconducting electronics research at Tohoku University in Japan, Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, University of Twente in the Netherlands, NIST in the United States and University of California, Berkeley, with rich experience in superconducting electronics and applications. In September 2007, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences joined the "Hundred Talents Project". He carries out long-term research on superconducting single photon detector (SNSPD). The device performance of independent research reached the international leading level; The cooperation realized a series of international leading application demonstrations of quantum information and satellite ranging. It has strongly promoted the scientific and technological progress in the field of quantum information in China. In addition, he is the chief scientist of the key research and development program "High Performance Single photon Detection Technology (2017-2022)" of Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. As the principal, he initiated the formulation of the first international standard of SNSPD (IEC 61788-22-3). In 2016, he founded Photon Technology Co. Ltd and realized the only SNSPD device and system commercial sales in China. 

Lixing You has published more than 140 SCI academic papers and 15 authorized invention patents (including 2 international patents). He was invited to international conferences to give lectures for 3 times. The invitation lectures were over 10 times. In 2019, he won the first prize of Technology Invention Award of Chinese Optical Engineering Society (ranked first). In 2018, he won the IEC 1906 Award of International Electrotechnical Commission. In 2014 and 2019, his quantum communication application achievements were awarded as "China's Top Ten Scientific and Technological progress" twice. He is on the editorial board of five journals including Superconductor Science and Technology and Scientific Reports, and deputy editor-in-chief of IEEE CSC SNF. He is a member of International Workshop of Superconducting Sensors and Detectors Series, vice chairman of National Superconducting Standardization Technical Committee, vice chairman of Superconducting Electronics Branch of Chinese Electronics Society, etc.

History development

In 2007, the Single Photon Group of 

the Institute of Microsystems was established


Zhejiang Photon Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in March 2017.


Photec led the development of the first international standard for SNSPD in July 2018.


Photec passed ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification in March 2019.

Photec won the first prize of Technology Invention Award of China Optical Engineering Society in August 2019. 

Photec received the "National High Tech Enterprise" award in December 2019.


SNSPD was successfully selected as the first batch of "List Products of Independently Developed Scientific Instruments of the Chinese Academy of Sciences" in February 2020.

System Detection Efficiency above 98% defined a new world record for NbN-based SNSPDs performances in Nocember 2020.

Photec provided 100 high-performance superconducting single photon detectors to assist "Jiuzhang" optical quantum computers and proved quantum advantage with boson sampling in December 2020.


Photec was selected as the first provincial-level standard internationalization pilot unit in Zhejiang province in July 2021.

Photec was renamed "Photon Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd." in August 2021.


Installation of 100 systems in March 2022.

The first "Gold Award" china photoelectric instrument brand list bronze award in December 2022.

Jiaxing city-level trade secret protection demonstration site in December 2022.

Zhejiang province high-tech enterprise innovation ability top 500 in December 2022.


Zhejiang Province "Specialization and Innovation" small and medium sized enterprises in January 2023.

"The HALO Awards" for laser device category product nomination award in May 2023.

Photon Technology (Italy) company established in September 2023.

"CIIF Award for Innovation" in September 2023.

Member unit of quantum information network industry Alliance in November 2023.

Jiaxing Standard Innovation Contribution Award in December 2023.