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Photon technology Italy SRL

Established in September 2023, Photon Technology Italy SRL, PHOTEC (lTALY) is a leading high-tech company based in the beautiful framework of Naples city in Italy, a place considered the temple of creativity since centuries. The company was bulit by distinguished researchers from the Italian National Research Council, Federico II University, and Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. We are dedicated to the advancement and commercialization of cutting-edge single-photon detection systems, cryogenic technologies, and associated innovative solutions.

As of April 2024, PHOTEC is proud to have a team of 35 outstanding young professionals, including 12 Ph.D. and 6 Master's degree, with expertise spanning superconductivity, low-temperature physics, optics, electronics, and related fields.

Through collaborations with partners, we have achieved remarkable scientific accomplishments, publishing numerous high-level papers in renowned journals such as Nature and Science. Moreover, we have collaborated closely with clients to achieve several world-firsts and records, including facilitating the superior quantum computing performance of the Nine-Chapter optical Quantum Computing, achieving a world-record distance over 1000km for quantum key distribution, and attaining a maximum quantum communication speed of 622Mbps/s.

At PHOTEC, we prioritize customer value creation and hold the social responsibility. We are committed to the development of highly sensitive photon detection technologies to advance the fields of quantum information and beyond.

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