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Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detector

SNSPD is a type of single photon detector that operates based on the superconducting properties of thin nanowires. When a single photon interacts with the superconducting nanowire, it disrupts the superconductivity, leading to a measurable electrical signal. SNSPDs are highly sensitive, capable of detecting individual photons with high efficiency and low noise.

The advantages of SNSPDs in PHOTEC company lie in their superior performance characteristics, which make them ideal for 

various applications such as quantum communication, quantum computing, lidar, satellite ranging, and other advanced photonics applications.

PHOTEC leverages their SNSPDs to provide cutting-edge solutions to our customers and drive innovation in the field of quantum technology.

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    System detection efficiency

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    Maximum count rate

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    Dark count rate

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    Global customers

  • 01
    Low dark count
    • Low temperature integrated filtering technology

    • DCR can reach a minimum of 1 cps, while SDE>90%

    • Response wavelength: 1550 ± 10 nm

    • Other wavelengths can be customized

    Low dark count
  • 02
    High detection efficiency
    • Original double-layer nanowire absorption enhancement design

    • Detection efficiency SDE>95%, up to 98%@1550 nm

    • Multi wavelength options: 532, 850, 1064, 1310, 1550, 2000 nm

    High detection efficiency
  • 03
    Large photosensitive surface
    • Large receiving field of view, suitable for various spatial optical coupling applications

    • 1550 nm/1064 nm wavelength selectable

    • 50 μm multimode fiber coupling

    • Unique low-temperature filtering design with DCR as low as 100 cps

    • Customized free space coupling

    Large photosensitive surface
  • 04
    Multi pixel SNSPD array
    • 4/8/16 pixel SNSPD Array

    • Photon number resolution (Up to 16 PNR), suitable for characterization of quantum light sources

    • Maximum count rate>GHz, suitable for high-speed optical communication

    Multi pixel SNSPD array